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Studio Policy

Commitment Agreement

This is the spring & fall studio policy for month-to-month classes. See the summer 2024 policy here.

Commitment Agreement

Commitment is month-to-month. If the student will not be returning the following month, Stevi must be notified on the student's last lesson of the month. Otherwise, a fee will be charged in the amount of $45 per student. After agreeing to begin lessons, a $45 fee per student will be charged if the student withdraws or no-shows on the first day of lessons. 

Requirements to Join

Students must be at least 7 years of age and be interested in exploring art. No one needs to be "good" at art to join.


Lessons are in-person at the Artnook studio, located inside the Odd Shop. Students will learn alongside their peers. Lessons accommodate up to six students, but more may be accommodated at a future time. Lessons are 90 minutes long and occur weekly, except when there are breaks according to the calendar. 

Requirements to join
Cancellations & Make-ups 

Cancellations & Make-ups

Lessons canceled by parents / students may not be reimbursed. Late-notice cancellations and no-shows cannot be made up.


However, make-up lessons are allowed:

  • in the event of sickness or tragedy, if Stevi is notified the day of absence.

  • for any reasons, if Stevi is notified 24 hours before absence. 

A make-up lesson must be requested. If a make-up is missed for any reason, the lesson is forfeited. Make-ups must be completed within three months of the absence.

If Stevi is unable to teach, she will choose to schedule a make-up or issue reimbursement.


Tuition & Materials

Payment is due the 1st of each month. Pay in-person or online, through any method mentioned here


A late fee of $10 is added if:

  • Payment is made on the 8th or later

  • A child is picked up 15 minutes late

Materials are included. Students may bring their own materials and must take them home at the end of the lesson.

Annual tuition for 40 lessons is spread over 11 months according to the tuition schedule. Tuition remains the same while the number of lessons fluctuates according to the calendar 

Artnook Payment Schedule 2023-24
Drop off & pick up

Drop-Off & Pickup

Parents may not sit in the studio, but are welcome to hang out in the Odd Shop during lessons. The Artnook encourages parents to attend their children until they enter the studio. Students may meet their ride outside for pickup if parents inform Stevi via text or written notice.  


Photo & Video Release Statement

The Artnook uses images and videos of its students and their art for archival and promotional purposes, and posts these images and videos online. The Artnook will not release personal information, such as names, without consent. Please be aware that by enrolling yourself / your child, you consent to your / your child's voice, likeness, or art, captured in any media, being used without compensation, for archival or promotional purposes, including online promotion, and you release Stevi Mejia Daniels and The Artnook from any liability. 

Photo & Video Release
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