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Summer 2024

The Artnook is nestled within the Odd Shop in Downtown Visalia. The studio is both the professional workshop of artist Stevi Daniels and classroom for up to seven students at a time. Stevi serves as the instructor for each 90-minute class. Kids of all levels, age 7 to 17, have freedom to choose their preferred genre, style, and content as well as materials.

  • 2D art (drawing, painting, & more)

  • 3D art (polymer clay, assemblage, & more)

  • textiles (weaving, sewing & more)

  • digital (graphic design, animation, & more)

Stevi provides individualized instruction and guidance through: 

  • art elements & principles

  • artistic techniques

  • proper use of materials

  • art history connections

  • conceptual creativity

  • art analysis 


When are classes?

Classes run June 18 through August 8, with two classes every Tuesday and Thursday morning. There are no classes July 2 through July 4. See a detailed calendar here.    

How much is it? 

$30 per class. Materials are included.

How do I sign up? 

Sign up here or contact Stevi

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the lesson will be fully refunded; otherwise the full amount will be charged. ​​Lessons can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before class, but late cancellations and no-shows can't be rescheduled. Stevi must be notified within the proper time. 

My kid is younger than 7. Can they join? 

Students must be 7 years old to attend unless they have already been attending the Artnook previous to summer classes.  

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